Another Heatwave Begins Late This Week

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Though we are already in a modest heatwave, with upper 90s to low 100s continuing into Monday, the heat will come back in force after a bit of a cool down Tuesday into Wednesday.

By Thursday, a ridge in MX/southern NM/TX will pull in some much warmer upper level temperatures into the region… with this flow continuing to warm through Saturday. On Thursday, valley temperatures will likely begin to rise into the upper 90s to low 100s once again, and by Friday, more widespread 100s are likely, with some 102 – 106 degree temps indicated consistently by the GFS and ECMWF. On Saturday, 104 – 108 degree temperatures may become prominent… possibly some 110 degree plus temperatures. Temperatures remain in the 100s Sunday, though most locations should generally be in the 102 – 108 degree range, of course a bit hotter in the north end of the valley and other locally hot spots. Upper 90s/low 100s are expected to continue into Monday… with some slow cooling through mid-week currently expected.

Heat returns in force beginning Thursday, continuing through at least Monday.

Heat returns in force beginning Thursday, continuing through at least Monday.

Not seeing any widespread precipitation chances outside of some mountain showers and thunderstorms possible in the southern sierra Monday, spreading northward a bit each day through Thursday.

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    Models continuing to try and indicate the cutoff low offshore rotating in some moisture, lift, and instability that may be sufficient enough for some convection, possibly into the valley, some time between Saturday night and Monday. I’ll keep an eye on this as we near the timing and shorter range models can assist in forecasting this. If current trends continue, I’ll have another update by Friday.

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